L&M Precision Gunworks is now in North Carolina.

The shop is back up and running for basic operation and production has begun as of today.  I will be working through the backlog and shop times will quickly return to the previous 3 weeks or so for standard RMR installations.  There are still lots of things to do to complete all of the shop improvements that I am envisioning but power, air and other required services are in place and the machines are up and running.

NOTE: Shipping information has changed due to lack of USPS delivery to the shop physical address.  Look on the Shipping Information page for more information as well.

Phone Number:    510-396-0849 (cell)  This is the ONLY phone number at this time.  The land line in AZ is no more.

NO Firearms shipments until the new FFL is issued.  The license application for the new TYPE 01 FFL is in process.  The license takes 4-6 weeks to be issued per ATF.  The new Type 01 (dealer) license means that L&M will no longer be supplying complete pistol packages.

This will not affect RMR equipped slide packages that do not include the frame.

The web site will be updated when the new license is issued and firearms can again be received and shipped.

Physical Address (FedEx / UPS ONLY):  If you mail something to this address using USPS it will most likely be returned to you [unless the nice lady at the Post Office notices and is feeling charitable and puts it in our box anyway]

Mark Housel
L&M Precision Gunworks
440 Airport Rd.
Lakeview, NC 28350

USPS Shipping/Mailing Address (NO Firearms):

Mark Housel
L&M Precision Gunworks
Lakeview, NC 28350 

I apologize for the inconvenience that this move and service interruption will create but this is an important step for our family and the future of L&M Precision Gunworks.  Please feel free to contact me via email or phone regarding this move.
Thank you,
Mark Housel
L&M Precision Gunworks, LLC

NOTE: Trijicon RM06′s are out of stock!  More On Order.  No delivery date.

Very limited Trijicon RM01 availability for installation packages until Trijicon fills some more of my orders.  Check the services page details.

ATOM adapters for Trijicon RMR’s with the curved edge to match OEM slides are out of production.  Other RDS model adapters (Aimpoint, Deltapoint, J-Point/Docter, Insight MRDS) are still available.

NOTE:  RMR equipped pistol packages have been DISCONTINUED due to difficulties related to ‘manufacturing’, maintaining a Type 07 FFL, etc.  Pistol sales will be shipped to your local FFL.

Look here for more information regarding this change and when firearms shipments will be resumed.

G22 GEN4  1 Available

M&P 9mm 2 Available

FNS-9   2 Available

L&M Precision Gunworks is a small shop where we take the time to provide the highest level of Quality work for our customers.

Our goal is to provide firearms services of the highest quality and attention to detail, providing our customers with prompt courteous service and a firearm you can be proud of.
Because we are not a high volume production operation, we take on only work we can complete for our customers in a reasonable period of time while still maintaining the highest standards.
Some of the Services we provide:

  • Full line of Trijicon RMR and other Miniature Red Dot site installations on all pistol slides that can accommodate them.
  • Complete firearms refinishing utilizing NIC Industries Cerakote products, ROBAR finishing services, Black Nitride finishing.
  • Firearms Maintenance, Repair, Accurizing, Customization
  • Tailor Made rifle builds, rifle re-barreling and stock work.
  • Please visit the Services and Products pages for further details on our products and services.
  • Feel free to contact us regarding your firearms needs.